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Yuliya Cohen
"It has taken thousands of years, but within this century both scientists and spiritual seekers alike have once again begun to view the laws of nature and the laws of God as reflections of the same truth."
-- Rosalyn L. Bruyere

Yuliya Cohen is a trained energy healer, medical intuitive and therapist, and the creator of the Energy Restructuring™ System. Member of ACEP (Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology), she has presented her paradigm changing research at international conferences in the United States and Canada.

She received her training from the HLCC "Crucible" program, directed by Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere, a world-renowned healer, scholar and researcher in the field of Energy Healing. She was formerly an engineer and computer science researcher (including work at Siemens Research and Technology Laboratories) and holds degrees in Civil Engineering from the Kiev School of Civil Engineering and in Computer Science from Brandeis University.

Yuliya Cohen offers tools for achieving graceful and lasting healing, and a desire to live in this world and in your body with more faith in the wisdom of the universe.

Yulia's clients are not limited to those who naturally gravitate towards spiritual growth. Because of her own scientific background, many of her clients have highly developed analytical skills and may question the rationality behind energetic phenomena, and yet have found working with her an enriching, stimulating, and beneficial experience.

Yuliya has been a full-time healer and therapist in private practice in Brookline MA (close to Boston) since 1987, who works in person and over the phone. The focus of her practice is on the psychological and physical aspects of energy healing. The energy healing work she does integrates active educational therapy, with clients informed and educated through every step of the healing process.

She has worked closely with medical doctors and psychiatrists who have an interest in integrative medicine, notably Dr. Roland Ungerer of the Life Health Center Psychiatric Practice in Fitchburg, and Dr. Alexandor Angelov, director of the HealthKey Holistic Pain Management Center in Swampscott. While she was on the staff of HealthKey, she developed a pioneering treatment for Panic Disorders, based on her system of Energy Restructuring.

Yuliya describes how she became an energy healer as follows:

"For me, being a healer is not a choice, but a calling. I came to realize my abilities through a personal quest, in 1983, when as a newlywed, I was diagnosed with a very large fibroid tumor. I was told by numerous doctors that an immediate hysterectomy was the only treatment.

My condition, I was told, was a result of a hormonal imbalance. When I asked what caused that imbalance, the doctors shrugged and said that it was not unusual for women of my age to acquire that condition, and that it was something that just kind of "happened." I was astounded to hear that. It was clear to me from elementary physics that nothing just "happened," that everything has its cause and effect.

As a software researcher, I thought that just as in a program, one should be able to find what went wrong and where, and then undo, and correct the problem. I failed to understand why it should be different with the human body. I thought that medicine failed science and nature in some fundamental way, and that l needed to look elsewhere for answers.

And so I began my quest -- discovering and exploring alternative modalities. Three years later, after I had discovered the source of my own condition, and improved it enough to give birth to my first son, I realized that my calling is to assist others in taking charge of their own health and well-being."


Yuliya's former education in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) engineering allows her to explain energetic flow by asking the question - "How does it work?", answering it using analogies of familiar and well-understood systems. Her experience as a researcher in computer science and user interface technologies taught her to ask the question "Why does it work?" which she answers by taking abstract energetic notions and translating them into practical, accessible, dogma-free explanantions and exercises.

Her teaching follows very naturally from these questions and answers. She has been offering ongoing classes and workshops in both Russian and English since 1991. The topics she covers focus on personal development and practical applications of energy field phenomenon to management of one’s own life, health and relationships.

For over four years she taught extensively at Interface (the New England Center for Holistic Studies), was an organizer of its series on Energy and Sexuality, and represented the energy healing field in talks at the Open House seminars held there

She has developed a workshop on Energy Medicine designed to be part of the series on Alternative Medicine organized annually at Harvard Medical School, and has taught at the Massachusetts School for Professional Psychology on merging energy and psychology paradigms.

For three years, she taught weekend workshops on Energetic Boundaries as part of the New England School of Acupuncture continuing education curriculum. Then in 2003, she joined the NESA faculty, as her Energetic Boundaries course was added to the core curriculum. Her textbook on "Energetic Boundaries: Healing without Effort", based on the principles of Energetic Restructuring Therapy she has developed, is used as the primary reading material for her courses and longer workshops.


Starting in 1992, Yuliya studied intensively with Rosalyn Bruyere, the founder and director of the “Crucible” program for Energy Healing in Sierra Madre, CA. Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere is a world-renowned practitioner of laying-on-of-hands healing, a scholar and researcher connected with UCLA and the Kennedy-Kreiger Institute, and the author of Wheels of Light, a book on energy and healing. She has worked with Dr. Andrew Weil to develop his curriculum in Energy Medicine at the University of Arizona Medical School.

Yuliya has studied intuitive medical diagnosis with Dr. Samuil Slonimsky, a well-known M.D. and energy healer from Russia. Together, they developed a teaching and healing program on bio-energetic diagnosis and correction of medical conditions.

She has studied Bach Flower Remedies and nutrition with Luba Levin, a psychic nutritionist and a homeopath, and has studied principles and practices of folk, shamanic and, particularly, Kabalistic healing with other prominent teachers and healers from the United States, Russia, Israel, Mexico, and Peru.