Energetic Boundaries: A New Paradigm for Effortless Healing
Yuliya L. Cohen (Author)

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Softcover (bound): 219 pages
Language: English
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Yuliya Talks About Energetic Boundaries

"If you have been on a healing journey, whether as a clinician or a patient, but found yourself frustrated with the difficulties of manifesting the changes you desire, and blaming yourself for your lack of success, Energetic Boundaries: The New Paradigm for Effortless Healing will enable you to easily uncover the missing steps and overcome obstacles on your way. Based on the pioneering Energy Restructuring Methodology, this book will take you on an exciting Jedi-like journey into the realm of Energy Intelligence through the exploration of your Energy Field and its life-force regulating membrane, towards the New Paradigm of Effortless Healing and Transformation."
Written Testimonials

"For me the most surprising about reading the book was the use of affirmations. You tell us in the book – just say it, just repeat it three times and it will work unfailingly. Uninitiated thinker would think – oh, sure, one more affirmation that I would have to repeat endlessly. It is just what I need – another affirmation! And then it was such a surprise to say it and have it literally shift energy. At that moment you begin to realize it. That this is not just another affirmation. You are actually working with something more powerful – a universal principle!"
-- Amy P.

"As we grow and expand, the tools have to grow and expand in order to take us from where we are and to where we are heading. And it may take time till people get to that next place at their own pace and in their own time, till they can receive it. Energy Restructuring Methodology represents the new generation of such tools."
-- Jane


  • Forward and Index
  • Chapter 1 - Energetic Boundaries – Introducing your Energy Field Membrane
  • Chapter 2 - Emotional Boundaries – Knowing and Guarding your Inner Space
  • Chapter 3 – Reclaiming Your Energy Field – Becoming a Master of Your Energetic Abode
  • Chapter 4 – Sacred Space – Your Energy Field as a Doorway into the Miraculous Realm
  • Chapter 5 – Reclaiming Power – You Cannot be Permanently Diminished
  • Chapter 6 – Scaling Energy Fields – The Art of Instant Resonance
  • Chapter 7 – Energetic Absorption – The Key to Rejuvenation and Transformation
  • Chapter 8 – Energetic Transference – The Universal Principles at Your Fingertips
  • Appendix A -  The Sacred Medicine Wheel.
  • References