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In-Person Sessions


Yuliya's In-Person rates depend on the client and on the nature of the work being done. The majority of clients prefer 2 hour sessions.

The last 10 minutes of every session are left for recording the session, answering questions and scheduling future appointments. A client specifies the preferred session length at the beginning of the session.

In between sessions, clients are welcome to call with brief questions related to the work done in session. Calls beyond 10 minutes are charged as phone consultations, starting from the beginning of the call.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultations, in person, take one hour. Initial consultations include history taking, energy restructuring diagnosis of problems, and development of a treatment plan.

Yuliya places great emphasis on spending the time initially to obtain an accurate diagnosis, since it determines the effectiveness of the treatment. She encourages clients to commit to at least three sessions to ensure that the work done results in the most change (see the FAQ for more information). A shorter initial consultation can be appropriate in some cases and has to be arranged beforehand.

New clients can arrange to combine their initial consultation with a full one-hour healing session for a reduced price.

Phone Sessions

Phone Sessions & Consultations

Distant healing sessions are effective alternatives for those who can't see her in person:
-- READ "Lisa Wilkens" STORY

Yuliya's Phone rates depend on the client and on the nature of the work being done. Because work over the phone is more energy intensive than work done in person, phone consultations need to be paid for 48 hours in advance.

Terms of Service


Clients are expected to give a minimum 24 hours notice of cancellation. Appointments cancelled with less notice are subject to a $150 charge. Clients who are unable to make an appointment in person are always able to switch to a phone session.

Course of Treatment

Energy Restructuring Therapy treatments can be used as either short or long term therapy, depending on the client’s needs. Because the relevant information about the client’s condition is accessed intuitively, it is not necessary for the client and practitioner to spend months getting acquainted with each other, so the healing can start taking place right away.

Even though certain issues can be resolved in one session, three treatments are recommended even for those who think that they do not have much to work on. It takes three sessions for the body not only to be introduced to a new principle or change, but to actually incorporate it and integrate it permanently as a part of one’s experience.

For most conditions the client should be helped sufficiently over the course of about 12 sessions.


Yuliya maintains long term relationships with many of her clients. After the initial condition is taken care of, they may use Yuliya’s services on a maintenance level every few months, or when some new stress or trauma comes up in their life. They know that rather then being stuck in the place of distress for a long time they can utilize Energy Restructuring methodology and healing to address and resolve the issues and life challenges they face. Usually clients who have already used Energy Restructuring Therapy for their healing, and are familiar with its main principles and tenets, are able to deal successfully with many problems on their own, or resolve them with Yuliya in a small number of additional sessions.

Treating Acute & Chronic Conditions

In acute and chronic conditions, it is recommended that the first three sessions are scheduled close to one other, preferably one or two days apart. In general, in these sorts of conditions, the body will only be able to hold the changed energy resulting from a session strongly for about 24-48 hours before it begins to dissipate, as the body tries to re-pattern itself back to the old state. When the initial sessions are scheduled close to one another, each session can continue from where the previous session left off, allowing the body to get used to the new patterning resulting from the energetic restructuring.

Also, in treating physiological conditions, people tend to mentally analyze and process what has happened and what was uncovered. Since most of what is done in the first several sessions is uncovering and restructuring of the old outlived trauma, there is not much value is spending energy analyzing something that simply has to go. It is best, if at each new session, the client is in a new place, looking at the new issues, and the issues of the previous session become of less interest. This is achieved by scheduling the initial sessions close together. In this way, clients lose less energy on processing old painful baggage that they have been carrying in the body, which is exactly what is desired in any case.

The sessions gradually spread out to 3 times a week, then twice a week, once a week, every other week, then monthly. These changes happen as the body is able to hold the energy more and more permanently, so that frequent treatments become less necessary.

Healing chronic and long standing complicated problems can take from six months to a year.