Exploring Energy, Ecstasy and Intimacy

Freedom from Fear, Anxiety, and Emotional Trauma

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Workshop Descriptions

   The Energetic Boundaries Course

Have you been on a healing journey, but found yourself frustrated with difficulties in creating the change you desire and blaming yourself for your lack of success?

Energy Restructuring is a pioneering methodology that creates a new framework for the emerging field of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. It offers a new model of energy psychology methods - “Healing Without Effort”. The Energetic Boundaries Course will introduce you to this exhilarating new paradigm of effortless healing in a way that is both theoretical and experiential. It offers a new approach to viewing the self, the healing process and psychological therapeutic techniques from the spatial perspective of the energetic space that surrounds you – your Energetic Boundary.

This course leads you step by step to greater awareness of your own energy and the energy around you in your business and personal relationships, in everyday life. The profound insights you gain are built on theory, stories and illustrations that turn the difficult concept of non-verbal energetic interactions into a skill easily and naturally accessible to all.

There are three levels of the Energetic Boundaries course, Level I, Level II, and Level III, as well as an advanced course. Each of the levels is taught as a weekend workshop, and as a once-a-week 3 hour class, spead over 5 weeks.



Yuliya is available to present lectures and teach a variety of courses and workshops for your organization. Some of her previous workshop and course topics are listed below. She will be happy to work with you to develop a format and contents that suits your needs.

Call 617-731-9529, or send e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are interested in the Energetic Boundaries course or other courses, workshops and lectures.

   Other Workshops

Become panic and anxiety-free again. Understand a pioneering and comprehensive model that explains the real causes for panic disorder in terms of energetic structural displacement, and how and why various symptoms manifest during attacks. Based on the model, learn a system of healing proven effective at addressing and treating the entire range of these symptoms. For more infomation, see An Energy Based Treatment Model for Panic and Anxiety Disorder, a case report written by Yuliya describing a successful treatment of a client using this methodology.

ENERGY CORDS: The Ties that Bind
Examine energy cords that bind you to another person. Acquire ability to see at a glance the specifics of relationships in your life, and then restructure them in a way that is beneficial. (more details)

Understand energetic bases for coming and staying together in a marriage or a relationship and learn how to transform traumatic experiences of separations from those of severed connections to ones of graceful untangling.(more details)

OUR PARENTS OUR POWER: Energy Cords to Our Ancestors
Cutting connections with our parent is like disconnecting from our own source. Learn how to uncover benefit from energetic connections to our parents and family members, including those who have harmed or annoyed us. (more details)

HAVE A LIFE YOU WANT! - Ceremonial Reparenting
Get reparented in a personal ceremony by choosing energetic connections to real people and historical personalities who can give you what your parents could not. (more details)

Learn about and experiment with various techinques for energetic and cellular rejuvenation, such as releasing the heavy baggage of the past, recalling young energetic and cellular states inside the body, and recalibrationg human cells to external sources of youthful energy using a process of cellular absorption. (more details)

Sexuality from an Energetic Perspective

Learn techniques for accepting and absorbing sexual energies in a way that nourishes you and keeps you from falling into the traps of conventional sexual responses. Gain freedom and clarity in professional and personal situations that can be potentially difficult. (more details)

CHAKRA BALANCING: Balancing Heaven and Earth
Explore your energetic centers through various modalities - sound, color, and texture, and understand their symbolic meaning. Discover principles of proper information flow through a healthy chakra system, and learn the powerful symbolism of a six pointed STAR OF DAVID for merging higher and lower dimensions in one's body for ultimate balance and transformation. (more details)


Gain freedom from your past! Learn techniques for disconnecting from traumatic experiences that are retained energetically in your energy field and cellularly in the cells of your physical body. Learn to steer around the obstacles that could impede your from creating the future you want. (more details)

Working Energeticaly with Abuse Trauma

Invisible wounds are energetic wounds of of physical, emotional and sexual abuse and are carried by victims long after the abuse is over. They manifest as overwhelming fear, persistent sense of being invaded and violated, and a loss of power and sense of self. This workshop will explain how to understand and treat these energetic impacts of abuse and is geared to both professionals and survivors. (more details)

Experience the use and meaning of ceremony for truly creating lasting change. (more details)