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Breath Your Way to Wholeness
Written by Yuliya Cohen   
Friday, July 09, 2010

Breathing exercises are a wonderful way to relieve any stress. More importantly, breathing is something we can have control over at times when everything else may seem out of control. This unique Energy Re-integrative Breathing practice (ERB) is specifically designed to give you control over your energetic displacement that, as you have learned by now, underlies the entire range of anxiety conditions.


Re-integrative breathing is a process that will enable you to fit everything back together. It will facilitate an alignment through the system of energy gates. The movement of energy through the gates is being controlled using your breath and creates an energetic adjustment, often almost immediately. This alignment is the secret force that will keep you anchored and grounded in the physical body. Armed with this technique, you will be able to better withstand the trials and tribulations of life.

It is worth mentioning that the ERB technique differs from both the standard practice of “breathing in the bag” and the deep abdominal breathing exercises that are routinely recommended to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Energy Re-integrative Breathing (ERB) practice specifically designed to give you control over your energetic displacement which underlies the entire range of fears, worries and anxieties.  It will help you to keep the flow of the vital energy in the body aligned and balance


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